Best swaddling blanket

Miracle Blanket

If you swaddle your baby, the Miracle Blanket truly is a miracle! It is made of extremely soft knit cotton, and it is just over 6 feet long. The inside of the blanket has a pocket for baby’s feet, and extra little flaps on each side to use as arm restraints. Once you’ve got baby’s arms and feet all tucked in, you wrap the rest of the blanket nice and tight around baby. The extra long fabric makes it stay wrapped tight, so baby can sleep peacefully. There’s no fastener on the outside of the blanket because it stays in place well enough without one, which helps keep middle of the night diaper changes quieter and also prevents scratches from velcro on baby’s sensitive skin. The Miracle Blanket is machine washable and it gets softer and softer as you use it.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$30.00
  • Easy swaddling
  • Extra fabric keeps arms away from face
  • No velcro, buttons or snaps