best sling-style carrier

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

The Maya Wrap ring sling is a fantastic way to wear your baby. The fabric is so soft against baby’s skin, you can use it as a blanket or a cover as well as a sling. The long open tail at the end of the sling makes adjustments with baby easy and also doubles as a nursing cover so you can nurse baby without even taking them out of the sling. The tail has a small zippered pocket at the end big enough for keys and a phone. The folding to set up the sling is easy once you practice a few times and if you leave it through threaded it is super fast on and off for quick trips. The Maya Wrap comes with instructions for several ways to position baby in the sling. The most common are cradle for a newborn and hip carry for a toddler.

One of the very few drawbacks to the Maya Wrap is that it is a sized sling, so if you and your partner are very different sizes or shapes, you might not be able to share this sling. Another negative is that it is not as comfortable for long periods of time, especially with larger babies and toddlers. However, it is great for short trips where you need your hands free and it is awesome for nursing while on the go, . It folds up small enough to stick in a diaper bag and it can double as a blanket to change baby on or cover baby with. It comes in so many beautiful colors it’s hard to choose just one. The Maya Wrap is overall the best sling on the market.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$65.00
Weight rangenewborn to toddler
Carry positionsfront, back, hip
  • Built in zippered pocket
  • Tail can be used as nursing cover