best umbrella stroller

MacLaren Triumph

The MacLaren Triumph is expensive for an umbrella stroller, but you absolutely get what you pay for. Quality is off the charts. This is an extremely well-made stroller. The ride is smooth, and the turns are precise. It can easily be operated one-handed. When it’s time to toss it in the trunk or in the back seat, the Triumph folds up quickly into a small package. The mesh carrying area under the seat can carry a small-sized diaper bag, a blankie, or a purse. Although the space is limited, keep in mind that many diaper bags have stroller clips, and can be clipped under the stroller’s handles.

The real wheel locks are linked — by using the toe of your shoe to flick the switch to the right, both wheels will lock. The sun shade can lock forward, or be retracted. When retracted, you can drape a blanket or sweater and the shade will “pin” such an item for quick access. The seat’s rear recline setting is adjusted by tightening or loosening a strap that cradles the back of the seat. By threading the straps through one of the lower sets of holes, you can make this stroller work for a three month old baby. At the highest setting, the stroller will accomodate a child up to 55 pounds.

Too many parents choose a bulky travel system or use a jogging stroller for taking their child to the mall. Consider instead investing in a high quality umbrella stroller like the MacLaren Triumph, which will save space, save your back, and give you easy access to confined spaces such as cramped restaurants or stores.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$180.00
Stroller weight11 lbs
Age range3 months +
Weight limit55 lbs
  • Single hand fold
  • Multiple seat positions
  • Washable seat cover

Other Products

Pretty good for less money

Chicco Capri

The Chicco Capri is a good umbrella stroller if you’re looking for something with a few more features than the basic umbrella, but not looking to spend a fortune. It has a 5 point restraint and a 2 position seat which is pretty well cushioned and comfortable. It has a sun canopy, a small basket underneath, and a carrying strap. It only weighs 11 pounds and folds up really small, so it’s convenient for travel and just day to day activities.

Unfortunately, the ride is not particularly smooth. On sidewalk or pavement it’s fine, but as soon as you hit cobblestones or anything bumpy, it’s miserable to push, and probably ride. The handles are lower, and that makes it harder to push for someone on the taller side. Overall, it’s a decent stroller for the money, but if you can spring for the MacLaren, do it.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$65.00
Weight11 lbs
  • 2 position seat reclining
  • 5 point harness
  • Front wheel suspension