greatest jogging stroller ever

BOB Revolution SE

The BOB Revolution is an amazing jogging stroller. Too many reviews of jogging strollers are about how great they are to go shopping. It’s so hard to find a jogging stroller that’s actually good for jogging. The BOB is the answer. The Revolution has the option of locking the front wheel or letting it swivel so it works both on and off road. On trails or sidewalks, the BOB takes bumps and corners like a champ. The baby just lounges and watches the world go by without any discomfort at all. The shocks are adjustable so that as your baby gets bigger and weighs more, the ride stays just as smooth. The tires are great for trails and off road, and they do well on sidewalks, too. There is a small storage basket under the stroller, though it doesn’t hold much. There is no parent tray or cup holders, but you can purchase things to add on. There are two little pockets in the seat with the baby where you could keep a sippy cup or small toys. The seat has the ability to recline or sit up, but the user manual says if you are jogging, it should be all the way upright for the balance of the stroller, which makes it not ideal for tiny new babies, but there’s an adapter you can buy for an infant seat, too. It’s really big, so if you have a smaller car it probably won’t be great to take places. That being said, the back wheels do come off pretty easily, so if you want to take it somewhere you can probably manage it. It’s just not the best option for everyday travel if you don’t have a bigger vehicle. Overall, the BOB doesn’t have a lot of extras or comfort features included, but if you’re looking for a great option for logging some serious miles while keeping your baby with you, it’s the best option. Test drive other jogging strollers and then try the BOB and you’ll see why immediately.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$380.00
Age range8 weeks +
Weight limit70 lbs
  • Front wheel swivels or locks forward
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Adjustable seat positions
  • 5 point safety harness

Other Products

Less expensive alternative

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

The Schwinn Turismo jogger is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend the money on a BOB. In fact, it even has some features you would have to pay extra for on the BOB, like a parent cup holder tray, a child cup holder tray, and built in MP3 speakers. The speakers aren’t very good, but they’re still fun. There is a storage basket underneath that holds a fair amount of stuff. The sun canopy adjusts all the way down so you can protect baby from sun at any angle. The tires are great on and off road, and the front wheel locks from a button on the handle to add stability when you need it. The ride is extremely smooth. The handle bar adjusts in height so it can be pushed comfortably by more than one person. It is a fairly light weight jogging stroller, but it is huge even folded. The double definitely doesn’t fit in the trunk of a car. The seats are also a little more reclined than some, which makes it hard for kids to look out and see where they’re going, but they get over it. Overall, the Schwinn is a fantastic jogging stroller, possibly even better than the BOB at a much lower price.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$185.00
Weight limitup to 50 lbs
Stroller weight24.5 lbs
  • Front wheel swivels or locks
  • Parent tray with cup holders
  • Built in mp3 speakers
  • Spring suspension