Best Nursing Tank

Bravado Essential Nursing Tank

The Bravado Essential Nursing Tank is awesome! It comes in lots of pretty colors, and it’s soft enough to wear all the time, even when you sleep. The Bravado Nursing Tank is sold by bra size, so it’s perfect if you are a little chestier than most, but it works great for everyone! The longer length makes it a great option for a maternity tank and transitions well after you have the baby. It’s stretchy and keeps its shape really well. One of the best things about the Bravado tank compared to most nursing tanks is that the cup drops all the way down in the front, allowing you to expose the entire breast for baby, rather than just the small part that fits through the hole in other tanks. The strap is still attached, so you don’t have to worry about trying to reach it when you are done, and the clips are easy to use with one hand. The Bravado tank is one of the most supportive nursing tanks you can buy, and also the most comfortable. It is well worth the price.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$40.00
  • Soft, stretchy cotton
  • Cushioned adjustable straps
  • Supportive built in molded bra
  • Convenient one-hand nursing clips