Best breast pump for extended use

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle pump is a must have if you plan to pump more than just occasionally for your baby. The Freestyle is a double pump with two phase expression and adjustable suction. The two phase expression mimics the way a baby nurses, starting with short, fast, shallow suction and then switching to longer and slower. It helps to maximize the amount you pump by letting the breast go through a more natural letdown. It’s a very compact pump, which makes it ideal for use around the house, at work, in the car, pretty much anywhere you might need to pump. The Freestyle comes with straps to make it hands free, but they’re not very good and they don’t feel particularly secure. There are lots of places that sell tops to be able to pump hands free, which is a must when you are at work, and great for around the house so you can still get things done. The Freestyle has different levels of suction so that when you first start, you can make it fairly gentle and move up as you get more used to pumping and nursing. A lot of women have issues keeping their supply up when exclusively pumping, and this pump was amazing for that. It was very nearly as good as the hospital pump.

Overall, if you’re just going to pump from time to time, the Medela Swing or another single pump is probably the best bet. But if you plan to go back to work or pump exclusively, the Freestyle is amazing. It will help to keep your milk supply up, it saves you tons of time because you can do other things while you pump and it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$330.00
  • Double breast pump
  • Handsfree use
  • Two phase expression
  • LCD screen with timer and memory
  • Compact

Other Products

Best breast pump for occasional use

Medela Swing Breast Pump

The Swing is a great pump if you just plan to pump occasionally. It is really convenient and easy to use, and can be thrown in your purse for use on the go. The Swing has the same 2 phase expression as the other Medela pumps, which mimics baby’s sucking and helps to maximize the amount you’re pumping. The soft fit breast shields are really comfortable.

The Swing isn’t great if you plan to pump at work or pump exclusively. It only pumps one side at a time, making it take much longer than a double pump. It’s also not hands-free, which means you have to sit and babysit the whole process. However, if you’re just looking to pump to build up a supply of milk while continuing to nurse, the Swing is an excellent, cost-effective choice.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$150.00
  • Single breast pump
  • Two phase expression
  • Compact size
  • BPA free