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ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

The ERGObaby carrier is absolutely my favorite way to carry my kids. Not only is the ERGO the most comfortable carrier out there, it accommodates babies from 7 to 45 pounds, making it useful for much longer than wraps and slings.

Unlike a lot of the structured soft carriers on the market, the ERGO is designed to hold the baby in a position that is more natural, taking the strain off of their hips and your back. The baby’s weight is distributed mostly to your hips, which means you can carry your wiggly toddler for hours with no back pain. It’s perfect for babies who need to be held constantly because you know they are secure and comfortable with all of the safety features, and your hands stay free to get things done.

The ERGO is easy to use and adjust, so unlike a sized carrier, you can switch between multiple users with very little inconvenience. It’s also easy to put on in the front and back position by yourself. The back carry might take a little extra practice, but there’s no complicated wrapping or tying. There are two buckles and you’re ready to go.

This carrier is definitely a lifesaver when shopping, traveling, doing housework with a fussy baby, hiking, almost any activity where it’s easier to have baby close to you. It takes a minute to get past the cost of the ERGO, but it’s worth every penny because of its longevity and comfort. There are definitely cheaper carriers out there, but your back will thank you for choosing the ERGO.

Product Info

Approximate Cost$115.00
Parent height5' to 6.5'
Chest and waist circumference25-43"
Weight range7-45 lbs
Carry positionsfront, back and hip
  • Reinforced stitching for safety
  • Holds baby in correct ergonomic position
  • Zippered pouch with sleeping hood
  • Zippered storage pocket