Welcome to Have Baby, Need Stuff!, your guide to the best baby products. My husband and I built this website to help other parents wade through the ocean of cheap, junky, or unnecessary baby products and find the gems that are worth your money. We have compiled our list of “must-have” baby gear here, based on lots of research and a little trial and error with our own kids.

We live in a tiny house and hoped from the beginning to have our kids close together. We knew we would need baby gear that didn’t take up extra space and could be used for more than one baby without wearing out. We researched all of our purchases and read about a million reviews online before we made any decisions. We are pretty proud of the fact that almost all of our baby stuff got used again for baby number two when he came along 13 months later, and the only thing we really bought after he was born was a double stroller.

We love baby gear that can be used for a long time or for multiple purposes, and we are usually willing to spend a little more to make sure that happens. Of course all babies are different and like different things, but we’ve posted the things here we found ourselves reaching for over and over with both of our children. Our big boy has only just turned 2, so we’ll be adding as we go along and our needs change. If there’s a category you think we missed, or something you want to know more about, shoot us an email.